Ruang MES56
Seri Bincang Seni Unstocking Room X TERATOTERA

“Seri Bincang Seni Unstocking Room” itself is a bi-weekly live Instagram program initiated by Ruang MES56 as a response to the limitation to organize offline program due to COVID-19 situation in Indonesia. Since the beginning, this program focused on how the pandemic affect the art scene, and how the art scene (individually or collectively) response to this par-cular situation.

For TERATOTERA, we would like to do it four days live and discuss some of MES56 programs which also part of how the organization cope with this situation, such as:

"Serigram" is a project that we initiated as part of Unstocking Room (a self-sustain program in relation to the COVID-19 situation). This project will be conducted by one of our sub-unit called Afdruk56, which there will be workshop photogram, offline exhibition (in MES56 gallery), and online exhibition (via MES56 website and Instagram).

Serigram (website)
Serigram (Instagram)